• What is my TWC Customer Username and Password?
    • Residential Customers:
      A TWC ID is a unique ID created by you that allows you to access information on your TWC services, TWC applications and more.
      If you do not already have one, register for a TWC ID now.
      Forgot your User name? No problem. Go to retrieve your TWC ID Username here.
      Forgot your Password? We can help you to reset your TWC ID Password.

      A TWC email and password is an e-mail associated with your TWC account (for example, john@rr.com, jane@roadrunner.com or joe@socal.rr.com). Registration for this email usually occurs when your home internet is first installed.
      Forgot your Email? Retrieve your Time Warner Cable Email here.
      Forgot your Password? Reset your Time Warner Cable Password.

      Business Class Customers:
      If you are a Business Class High Speed Customer, use your Business Class email address and password. For support on Business Class credentials, go to Time Warner Cable Business Class My Account.

      If you have recently upgraded your internet service, you need to refresh your account settings before you'll be able to access TWC WiFi. You can do this simply by signing in to My Services.

      For additional log-in support, you can chat online or contact 1-888-851-9350.
  • TWC WiFi Hotspot FAQs
    • What are TWC WiFi® Hotspots?
      TWC WiFi Hotspots provide fast, reliable wireless Internet access in thousands of locations nationwide.
    • Who can use TWC WiFi® Hotspots?
      Access to TWC WiFi® and partner hotspots is free for TWC Internet customers with Standard Internet or above, Business Class Internet customers and for Starter Internet customers in the Kansas City area. TWC Internet Essentials customers are not eligible.

      If you don't meet any of these criteria, you can still access TWC WiFi® Hotspots through a Free Trial or by purchasing a TWC Access Pass.
    • How do I sign in to a TWC WiFi® Hotspot?

      First, make sure you are within range of a TWC WiFi® Hotspot and that the WiFi feature on your mobile device is turned on.

      Select a TWCWiFi network name from available wireless networks. You may see two options; TWCWiFi and TWCWiFi-Passpoint.


      1. On selecting the TWCWiFi network name, open your browser and the TWCWiFi sign-in portal will appear.
      2. Sign-in using either your TWC ID and password or your TWC email address and password. If you are not a qualified customer, select the Visitor Access tab to request a Free Trial or purchase a TWC Access Pass.
      3. Accept the terms and conditions and connect.


      1. On selecting the TWCWiFi-Passpoint network name, your device's native sign in screen will appear
      2. Sign in using your TWC ID and password, follow prompts and connect.

      If you need additional assistance, please call our WiFi hotspot customer support hotline at 1-888-851-9350.

    • How many devices can I use to sign-in to TWC WiFi® Hotspots?
      You can have up to 3 devices connected simultaneously using the same TWC ID. If you need to have more devices connected, you can create up to 4 subaccounts in My Account, and each subaccount can set up their own ID.
    • How do I find TWC WiFi® Hotspots?
      You can find hotspots nationwide using our Coverage Map. You can also locate your nearest TWC WiFi® Hotspot by downloading our free WiFi Finder app available on Google Play or the App Store. If you're within range of a TWC WiFi Hotspot, the available TWC WiFi network name will display on your wireless connections list.
    • Do I need to enter my credentials every time I connect to a TWC WiFi® Hotspot?
      No. After you first sign in to a TWC WiFi Hotspot, our network will recognize the device you used with qualifying credentials and will automatically connect you to a hotspot when your device is within range. Depending on the selected network, device and credentials used, you may be asked to sign in again periodically.
    • Are TWC WiFi® Hotspots only available outdoors?
      No, TWC WiFi Hotspots are available in both outdoor and indoor public places such as restaurants, coffee shops, doctor's offices, shopping malls, sports stadiums and more.
    • What is WiFi?
      WiFi is a wireless network allowing you to connect your device to the Internet. Almost all devices today are WiFi-enabled and let you connect to the Internet wirelessly – laptops, tablets, smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, MP3 players, etc. If you have an old device and don't know if your device is WiFi-enabled, check your manufacturer's specifications for support. You can also check your available network connections. If wireless is available, (and you may need to turn WiFi on) the list of wireless network names (SSIDs) will be displayed.
    • Do I need an app or special software to connect to TWC WiFi® Hotspots?
      No. You can use the wireless connection finder and software that comes with your WiFi-enabled device. You can also download our free WiFi Finder app, which will help you find and connect to TWC WiFi and partner hotspots.
    • Is the TWCWiFi network name secure?
      The TWCWiFi network uses secure sign in and authentication protocols, but you should also always seek SSL secure websites (https://....) when conducting data sensitive transactions just as you would for any Internet use. If you want maximum security where your data has an additional layer of encryption, you can select the TWCWiFi-Passpoint network name when available and sign in using your TWC ID.
    • Will my company's Virtual Private Network (VPN) work with TWC WiFi® Hotspots?
      Yes, most VPNs are designed to work with hotspot networks including TWC WiFi® Hotspots. If you have trouble using your VPN over the TWC WiFi® Hotspot network, consult your company's IT department for support.
    • What credentials do I need to sign into TWC WiFi® Hotspots?
      Residential customers need a TWC ID and password.
      If you don't have a TWC ID, register for one now.
      Forgot your username? Retrieve your TWC ID username here.
      Forgot your password? We can help you reset it here.

      For additional sign in support, you can chat online or call 1-888-851-9350.
    • How do I access free WiFi in NYC parks?

      If you're in a NYC Park where Time Warner Cable provides WiFi, you can connect through either the GuestWiFi, TWCWiFi or TWCWiFi-Passpoint network names. TWC customers with Standard Internet or above can access free WiFi through TWC's WiFi network names, just like they do at any other TWC WiFi® Hotspot. Non-customers can connect through TWCWiFi as a Visitor for a Free Trial or puchase of a TWC Access Pass, or they can select the GuestWiFi network name and select one of two options:

      • Three free 10 minute sessions within a 30 day period on a single device
      • A Day Pass for $.99

      To connect to GuestWiFi:

      1. Select GuestWiFi network name from available wireless network options.
      2. On Sign in screen, choose one of the Guest Access Options and accept Terms of Service to continue.
      3. If you select Day Pass, you will need to register and provide payment information before being connected.
      4. Once connected you will see a connect success page and can then continue to your preferred browser.
  • Free Trial and Access Pass FAQs
    • What is a TWC Access Pass?
      If you don't qualify for free access to TWC WiFi, you can still connect by purchasing a TWC Access Pass. Prepaid access options are available using the TWCWiFi network name only (not on TWCWiFi-Passpoint) and is available for purchase on all those hotspots, except in the NY Tristate area. You can purchase a TWC Access Pass for an hour, 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.
    • Where can I connect using a TWC Access Pass?
      After you have purchased and connected for the first time using a TWC Access Pass, your device will automatically connect and roam onto any hotspot with the TWCWiFi network name.
    • How do I purchase a TWC Access Pass?
      1. When you select the TWCWiFi network name for the first time, a sign in portal will appear when you open your browser.
      2. Choose the tab that says Visitor Access.
      3. Select TWC Access Pass.
      4. You will be asked to enter an email address and create a password and pin number for your account. Use these credentials if you want to connect on other devices, or to renew your TWC Access Pass once expired.
      5. Provide the required payment information.
      6. Agree to the terms of service.
      7. Click Order to process your transaction.
      8. You are automatically signed in and ready to go.

      Your pass will be active for the amount of time purchased and you will receive an email confirming your purchase. Note: TWC Access Pass is not currently available for purchase in NY Tristate area. If you have an existing TWC Access Pass already used on your device that has not expired, your device will still automatically roam and connect to these hotspots.

    • Do I need to sign in every time I want to connect after I have purchased a TWC Access Pass?
      No, after you have purchased a TWC Access Pass the first time, you are automatically connected on your device every time you select the TWCWiFi network name, provided your TWC Access Pass has not expired. If you decide to use another device, you will need to sign in using the credentials created at the time of purchase.
    • How do I find out how much time is left on my TWC Access Pass?
      Each time you connect to a hotspot using the TWCWiFi network name, a welcome page will show the time available on your TWC Access Pass. This will not occur, however, if you connect to a TWCWiFi hotspot in the NY Tristate area.
    • Is there a limit to the number of devices I can use to connect using my TWC Access Pass?
      There is no limit to the number of devices, but only one device can connect to the network at a time. If you are using a new device, sign in using the credentials you created at the time of purchase.
    • How does the 30 minute Free Trial work?
      The 30 minutes begins when you first access the network on the device on which you made the request. For the next 30 minutes, you'll be able to access the network for free from that device. If you disconnect before your time has expired, you may use the remaining time on that device on any hotspot with the TWCWiFi network name, before the 30 day expiration.
    • How do I get a 30 minute Free Trial on a TWC WiFi® Hotspot?
      The 30 minute Free Trial is only available when you connect using the TWCWiFi network name and is not available on the TWCWiFi-Passpoint network name. Open your browser, select the Visitor tab on the WiFi sign in portal, enter your email address and zip code, accept the Terms of Service and connect. The Free Trial provides 30 minutes of TWC WiFi® usage that begins as soon as you successfully connect to the network.
    • How do I continue to get WiFi access after my Free Trial ends?
      You may purchase a TWC Access Pass starting at just $2.95/hour or if you would like free TWC WiFi all the time, sign-up for TWC Standard Internet or higher for your home service.
    • What is a TWC Free Trial Promo code?
      Sometimes TWC Free Trial Promo Codes are handed out at events or through other marketing activities. If you have received a Promo Code for free access to TWC WiFi, connect to the TWCWiFi network name, open your browser, click on the Visitor tab, select Free Trial and look for the option to enter in your code for free access. The Promo Code you were given will tell you how much free time you have using TWC WiFi.
  • CableWiFi FAQs
    • What is CableWiFi®?
      CableWiFi® is a wireless network name created through a collaboration of U.S. Internet Service Providers including Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable. It gives our Internet customers access to a collective nationwide network of over 200,000 WiFi hotspots.
    • Who can access the CableWiFi® network?
      TWC customers with Standard Internet service or above and all Business Class Internet customers can access the CableWiFi® network for free.
    • How can I find the CableWiFi® network?
      CableWiFi® is broadcast on over 200,000 hotspots nationwide, with more hotspots and locations being added daily. Check the Coverage Map or download the free WiFi Finder app available on Google Play or the App Store to see the latest CableWiFi® hotspot locations.
    • How do I sign in to the CableWiFi® network?
      1. Turn on the WiFi feature on your mobile device.
      2. Select the CableWiFi network name from available wireless networks.
      3. Open your browser.
      4. Select Time Warner Cable as your service provider.
      5. Enter your TWC ID and password.
      6. Accept the terms and conditions and connect.
      7. If you need additional assistance, please call our WiFi hotspot customer support hotline at 1-888-851-9350.
    • If I see both the TWCWiFi and the CableWiFi® network names, which one should I use?
      TWC customers should always select TWCWiFi over CableWiFi to get the best customer experience.
  • TWC WiFi-Passpoint FAQs
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